5 Benefits of Having a Whiter Smile


So, you’ve been trying to whiten your teeth for a while now? Whitening toothpaste and mouthwashes don’t seem to get you that bright, white smile you want. There are lots of ways you can get your teeth whiter while staying at home, but it’s time to set down the DIY whiteners, and head to Rasmussen Dental.

We know that having a whiter smile can bring a few health benefits your way. So, check out our five reasons why you’ll love getting your teeth whitened at Rasmussen Dental!

Designed Just For You

When you opt for a teeth whitening experience with Rasmussen Dental, you’ll have more than just a brighter smile. We use an in-office product called Philips Zoom! that’s designed just for you! There are a few different settings to the Zoom!, so if you’re more prone to sensitivity, there is still an option for you to get a whiter smile.

Pick Your Shade

Most teeth whitening is done in-office or with an at-home kit. If you choose these options, your whitening can be customized to the shade of your choice. On average, we see with the Philips Zoom! that you can go about about eight shades whiter. But, this does depend on the person and how stained their teeth are at the start of the treatment.

Remove Stains

Teeth whitening is used for a few different reasons, but one of the leading causes is surface stains to the enamel of a tooth or teeth. Stains can occur if you’re a smoker, you drink too much coffee, or if you tend to eat (or drink) food that is highly pigmented with red colors like berries, juices, and wine.

Quick Treatment Time

The Philips Zoom! is sure to be a speedy process! It generally takes about 45 minutes from start to finish (with three 15-minute intervals). We recommend that you make an appointment for a consultation before, and then we can schedule your treatment appointment to get you to a whiter smile. Typically you’ll see results in 1-14 days after your treatment.

Improve Confidence with Your Smile

When you whiten your smile, you’re going to see improved confidence within yourself. People who deal with stains on their teeth can often hide their smile from the world. With a brighter smile, you’re more likely to show your pearly whites to others and thus see an increase in confidence. Take your courage back when you use Philips Zoom!

Teeth Whitening at Rasmussen Dental

If you’ve wanted whiter teeth for a while, now is the time to give it a shot. Our cosmetic dentistry treatments can help improve your smile and boost your confidence. You’ll find that our procedures for teeth whitening are safe and effective to use and can even work on the most severely stained teeth.

Schedule an appointment for teeth whitening today, and get back to living your best life with a whiter smile!