Afraid of Needles? Dental Anesthetic Nasal Spray Could be the Answer!


Are you afraid of needles? Do you put off going to the dentist because of this lingering fear? You don’t have to avoid dental work any longer!

Here at Rasmussen Dental, we’re here to make your dentist appointments more enjoyable, even if you don’t like going to the dentist. This is why we offer a nasal anesthetic to our patients who don’t enjoy needles.

Kovanaze is a painless, FDA approved topical anesthetic nasal spray designed to numb the upper teeth before procedures. No more shots to the roof of the mouth or any need for needles to get your teeth numb for fillings, crowns, inlays, veneers, or even root canals.

This nasal spray can be used in both adults and children as long as you weigh 88 pounds or more. Before the procedure, our dental staff will administer up to three sprays depending on your age. The sprays will be administered in the nostril on the same side of the mouth where the dental procedure will take place.

“I went to Rasmussen Dental for a Crown Procedure and received the nasal spray for numbness. It was SO much better than an injection!

No needles, no fat lip! And the nasal spray left no bad side effects in the nostril. This is the way to go :)
— Nita L.