Do I Need a Dental Crown?


So, you’ve chipped or broken a tooth. Or decay has badly damaged your tooth. What are your options?

Your Options

If your crack or chip is minor, a porcelain veneer may be enough to repair the tooth.

If you have damaged the root of your tooth, a root canal may be necessary to remove the damaged pulp. If damage is severe, your dentist may recommend a dental implant.

However, for the majority of cases, dental crowns are the right option. They provide the structure and strength you need to repair most trauma and damage.

What Are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is like a “cap,” that covers your tooth. It restores the look and feel of your tooth, and protects it against further damage.

Dental crowns can be made from a variety of materials like stainless steel, metal (gold or alloy), enamel, resin, or ceramic. At Rasmussen Dental, our CEREC Crowns are constructed with porcelain, giving you the strength you need and a look that is virtually indistinguishable from a real tooth!

The Process: Get Your Crown the Same Day with CEREC Technology

For years, the only way to get a crown was a long, drawn-out process. First, you’d get an impression taken of the tooth. Then, your impression would go to a lab, where the crown would be created. After that, you’d return to the doctor for a second appointment to place the crown over your tooth. This process takes an average of two weeks, from start to finish. If you’re in need of immediate care, this is a long time to wait!

Today, there’s a better option, such as Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC). CEREC technology allows your dentist to examine your tooth, fabricate the crown, and install it in one single visit, which typically lasts about an hour. CEREC is a highly precise technology, allowing us to create crowns that bond to your teeth with a custom fit and maximum strength.

Rasmussen Dental is among the first offices in the area to offer this same-day, custom dental crowns to clients.

Caring for Your Crowns

Since dental crowns are strong and durable, you’ll be able to eat, brush, and floss regularly after your procedure.

But remember, while porcelain is durable and resistant to breaking or chipping, dental crowns are not immune to damage. If you bite down on something hard, if you injure yourself in an accident, or if something else happens, you could break a crown. Use common sense, and treat your crown with the same level of care all your teeth deserve.

If something does happen, schedule an appointment! In most cases, dental crowns can be repaired or replaced with little to no difficulty

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