Holiday Tips to Keep Your Teeth White


The holidays are around the corner, and that means you’ll be getting ready for parties which includes a lot of smiling! This time of the year packs on a lot of busy social events, all you can eat foods, and fantastic beverages. At many seasonal gatherings, you may find yourself indulging in sweets, cocktails, and other delicious treats that can be potentially harmful to your teeth and gums.

To keep your teeth white this snowy season, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks for you to preserve your smile and be stain-free before the New Year arrives.

7 Ways to Keep Your Teeth Bright & White Like the Snow

With plenty of tips to get your teeth white during the holidays, here are seven suggestions you can take to brighten or maintain your smile.

1. Opt for clear drinks instead

While hot cocoa and mulled wine are yummy, think about choosing clear liquids this season. Vodka and gin make fantastic drinks with soda or tonic water. You can even garnish your beverages with cranberry and sprig of rosemary to make it festive.

2. Sip through a straw

If you must sip on festive colored beverages, try a reusable or biodegradable straw. Using a straw allows for much of the drink to miss your teeth, thus keeping your teeth pearly white. Plus, you’ll still be able to indulge in all the delicious hot cocoa or mulled wine of your choosing.

3. Say no to those sweet candy canes

It can be challenging to say no to sweet treats during the holiday season, but saying no will benefit your teeth (and enamel) immensely! Avoid super sticky, hard, and sugary food this season. Incorporate foods that are good for your teeth into your meals and holiday appetizers such as crunchy fruits (apples) and veggies (carrots and celery), whole grains, and don’t forget to stay hydrated with water!

4. Cut tooth-harming acid with cheese (or chewing gum)

Holiday cocktails tend to have a lot of acid-based items which harm the enamel of a tooth. When enamel is damaged, teeth often look yellow. To avoid yellow-looking teeth, nibble on cheese between sips of your favorite seasonal drink. Another good option is to chew on sugar-free gum!

5. Get a new toothbrush

One of the most natural things you can do for a whiter smile is swapping out your old toothbrush for a brand new one! Check to make sure you’re brushing with soft bristles, as harder brushes may do more damage to your enamel than intended.

6. Use whitening toothpaste

If you need something inexpensive, whitening toothpaste will do the trick! Opt to purchase toothpaste that also has enamel benefits, fights tartar, or reduces gum irritation. There are quite a few different options to get, so we recommend spending some time looking at what each toothpaste has to offer.

7. Try a professional whitening kit

Need something quick to get your teeth white? In-office whitening treatments will get your teeth a few shades brighter in just a couple of hours. One of the best reasons for choosing Rasmussen Dental for your teeth whitening is that our in-office Philips Zoom procedure will not only get your teeth bright, but you’ll also get a take-home professional whitening kit to keep your smile bright and white.

Schedule Your New Year’s Teeth Cleaning

Once the New Year rolls around, you’ll want to get your teeth cleaned, especially after all that fantastic holiday food. Schedule your appointment to start the year off with a beautiful, bright smile. Whether you need a whitening treatment or just a check-up, we’ve got what you need to ensure your teeth are ready to go for 2019!