New Year's Resolutions You Can Smile About


As 2017 is officially behind us, it’s time to focus on New Year’s resolutions for 2018. And, if you’re like many others, you may set a goal to live a healthier lifestyle this year. Why not make a resolution to focus on your oral health?

By establishing great dental health habits, you’ll not only be promoting healthy teeth and gums, but your overall health as well. Here are 5 dental health tips to get you started on your resolutions this year.

5 Dental Health Resolutions

1. Brush & Floss

You’ve heard time and time again that you should brush and floss your teeth on a regular basis, but it really is the first line of defense against oral health complications. If you forego brushing and flossing, plaque can develop on and in-between your teeth, causing stains, decay, and gum disease. It’s recommended that you brush twice and floss once each day. If your dental hygiene habits are lacking, step up your game in 2018 by brushing and flossing regularly.

2. Eat Healthy

Eating nutrient-rich foods is not only essential for maintaining a healthy body weight, but is also important for maintaining good dental health. Nutrients in fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and whole grains strengthen teeth and fight bacteria that cause gum disease. Make a point in 2018 to incorporate more tooth-healthy foods in your diet on a daily basis.

3. Avoid Excessive Sweets

There is no denying that a sweet treat once in while can be quite comforting, but let us not forget that dental cavities are primarily caused by excessive sugar intake. When sugars are broken down in your mouth, they produce acids that wear away your enamel and cause tooth decay. Try to limit your intake of sweets this year for both your health and your teeth!

4. Stop Using Tobacco Products

Not only are tobacco products dangerous for your health, but they’re terrible for your teeth, too. Using these products can cause all types of oral health problems. Some of these include:

  • Stained Teeth

  • Gum Disease

  • Bad Breath

  • Tooth Loss

  • Oral Cancer

If you’re currently a tobacco user, consider quitting this year. To help these efforts, try a healthier habit such as chewing sugar-free gum. This helps stimulates the flow of saliva that washes away bacteria from your teeth.

5. Visit Your Dentist

Your dentist knows best when it comes to keeping your mouth healthy. Scheduling regular checkups allows your dentist to monitor your dental health and address any concerns before they become bigger problems. Visiting your dentist every six months is the best way to ensure a clean bill of dental health, so this year, make it a resolution to schedule regular appointments and keep your mouth happy and healthy.

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