What is a CEREC Dental Crown & What Makes Them Different?


A bright, confident smile is what most people strive for. But, in some cases, that is not always possible without the help of crowns, implants, and other dental treatments.

Here at Rasmussen Dental, we use the latest technology and modern services that allow us to provide our patients with amazing results in minimal time. One specific service we provide is the “same-day dental crowns” or CEREC crowns.

What is a CEREC Dental Crown?

In case you didn’t know, a crown is a tooth-shaped cap that’s placed over the tooth to restore its shape and size, strength, or improve its appearance. If you have a weakened tooth, a crown may be needed to protect it from breaking, or to hold together the cracked tooth.

How is CEREC different than a regular crown? CEREC™  is a highly precise computer milling machine that produces crowns right in our office, in about an hour. These modern restorations dramatically reduce cracking, lowering the likelihood of needing future root canal treatment.

Because the crowns are custom fit, CEREC dental crowns are bonded to the tooth with the optimum strength available. The CEREC crowns look and feel like your real teeth with their enamel-like material. They are permanently bonded to your teeth with no discomfort and no wait, perfect for someone who is always on-the-go!

What Makes CEREC Crowns Better?

Besides the convenience of one-visit dental crowns, CEREC crowns look and feel like your regular teeth. Unlike the porcelain-fused to metal crowns, these are metal-free. In a porcelain-fused metal crown, the metal limits the translucency and can sometimes show through as a dark line, especially around the gum line. In addition, they promote a healthy, natural tooth structure and gum line.

If you‘ve ever had a dental crown placed the traditional way, we’re sure you’ll notice the difference, right away!

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