Without Dental Insurance Coverage, How Do You Find an Affordable Dentist?

When you want to find a dentist near you who can help you maintain your dental health – even with no insurance – a trip to the dentist may seem out of the question.


What are your affordable options for dental care so you can take care of your teeth even without dental insurance?

Rasmussen Dental’s Preventative Care Package for Uninsured Patients

The Rasmussen Dental Preventative Care Package is designed for patients who have no dental insurance coverage. For one affordable price, you receive exams, cleanings, and even a discount on any procedures you may need.

This is ideal for the uninsured patient who knows the importance of dental health!

Preventative Care Package vs. CareCredit

You may have heard about the CareCredit program, which allows patients to pay for out-of-pocket healthcare expenses that aren’t normally covered by insurance. CareCredit is a nationwide program that is similar to a credit card for patients to use at doctors, dentists, chiropractors, and other health and wellness providers.

The difference between Rasmussen Dental’s Preventative Care Package and CareCredit is that the Preventative Care Package is built specifically for patients with no dental insurance who want an ongoing basic care plan. CareCredit, on the other hand, is targeted at patients who have existing insurance, but who want treatments and procedures not covered by their insurance plans.

What’s Included In the Preventative Care Package?

For one affordable price, Rasmussen Dental provides uninsured patients with assurance that:

  • Your teeth receive regular cleanings

  • Your dental health is thoroughly checked with exams

  • You understand your future treatment options for unresolved issues

  • You receive discounted services for important treatments