Summer Dental Tips for the Entire Family

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With summer upon us, your family's routine can easily fall out of balance with late nights, busy schedules, and more opportunities for your children to relax. With all the fun and leisure of the season, make sure you and your children have your dental routines in order.

Stick to a routine

Between all the barbecues, beach days, and sporting events, the relaxation of unscheduled days and variety in activity and diet, it's important to remember to stick to a routine when it comes to dental hygiene.

Supervise your child so you know they're brushing twice daily. If your little one isn't particularly fond of brushing their teeth, there are some things you can do to incentivize them and make it fun.

  • Reward them for good dental habits: Keep a calendar, use stickers or gold stars to keep track of their success, and when they’ve successfully reached their goal, reward them! Whether it be a toy or a fun activity, your child will feel accomplished and learn about goal setting.

  • Join them: You can join your child in brushing to set a good example, do something together, and show them techniques to make sure those pearly whites get clean!

  • Find a toothbrush they love: If they have a toothbrush that has their favorite cartoon character on it, plays their favorite song, or is shaped like a dinosaur, they may be more excited to brush their teeth.

It's also important to remember that if your child's teeth touch, they should be flossing between them. Kids tend to have a hard time with flossing, so consider purchasing flossers that have handles for easy use.

Make sure you and your child are flossing correctly by following these “Do’s and Don’ts of Flossing!”

Be mindful of summer drinks and snacks

Summer inevitably brings sweet treats, lemonade stands, and visits to the ice cream parlor. However, these summer sweets should be limited to keep teeth healthy.

To protect your family's teeth, remember that these treats are just that, treats. Try not to keep extra ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, and sugary drinks around where you can mindlessly reach for something sweet.

Here are some common summer foods that should be limited to keep teeth healthy:

  • Ice cream and popsicles

  • Excessive fruit, fruit juice, or lemonade

  • Sugary drinks, soda, and sports drinks

Visit the Dentist

Summer is a great time to bring your child to the dentist. Not only do they not have to miss school to go to an appointment, but you also have ample time to address any dental concerns that may come up.

If your older children are home from college for the summer, this may be a good time to encourage them to make an appointment and check up on their dental health.

Visit Rasmussen Dental this Summer

Schedule a cleaning at Rasmussen Dental to find out if your teeth are looking the way they should. Whether you need help removing plaque buildup or just need to polish your pearly whites, our family dental practice would love to help you and your family keep your teeth healthy.