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Whether they're from Minneapolis, Plymouth, New Hope, or the surrounding west metro suburbs, Rasmussen Dental patients are looking for the best dentist who can give them a comfortable experience during general, family, and cosmetic dentistry procedures. Even patients who typically don't like going to the dentist trust Rasmussen Dental for their dental care. 

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Not only is Dr. Rasmussen well-trained and extremely current in his knowledge of dentistry, but he and his entire staff made my whole family feel comfortable, relaxed, and confident about our dental care.
— Marilyn P.
Love Dr. Rasmussen! have been using his services for years and love his office staff and all his team :) he is extremely personable, kind and very knowledgeable and thorough. HIGHLY recommend him.
— Judith M.
I have been seeing Dr. Geff since I had my first tooth and am now 25 years old. The receptionists are always really helpful, they remember who I am and things about me and my family, and make sure I’m cared for. They always go the extra mile.
— Hannah S.
Dr. Rasmussen and his staff have consistently provided me with wonderful care. They are extremely knowledgeable and have such a wonderful “chair-side” manner. I recommend them to anyone who is looking for an outstanding dental care team.
— Gail M.
We have been longtime patients of Dr. Rasmussen and wouldn’t have it any other way! He and his staff are the best and always treat our family excellent! I highly recommend them to anyone looking! They truly go above and beyond to satisfy their customers!
— Eddie L.
I went to Rasmussen Dental for a Crown Procedure and received the nasal spray for numbness. It was SO much better than an injection! No fat lip! The nasal spray left no bad side effects in the nostril. This is the way to go :)

My Crown Procedure was completed and done in one visit! I am very impressed with Dr. Rasmussen and his great staff. This experience reinforced why I keep coming back for all my dental needs. THANK YOU!
— Nita L.
After years of having to forego dental care, two of my front teeth had lost enamel near the gum and turned black. I’d almost completely stopped smiling in order to hide my teeth.

My former dentist didn’t make me feel comfortable and spent more time making me feel bad about letting my teeth go than he did helping me fix the situation.

Then I remembered Dr. Rasmussen.

He had helped me with a root canal back when I was still struggling to get on my feet. I remembered how comfortable I felt in his office, how welcoming and friendly the staff was, and how happy I had been with the results. I made an appointment and I’m happy to say that nothing had changed: I still felt comfortable and was still greeted and assisted by smiling, friendly people when I walked in the door. I also left happy once again with the results. Happy and smiling!!

Being able to smile again without fear of being embarrassed was the best gift ever.

I know I still have a long road ahead in the dentist chair, but I’m not worried, because every time I look in the mirror and smile, I remember that I have the best dentist ever!
— Nicole C.

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